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Revolve™ Transitional Shade Collection

From our Decorative Shade Collection

Revolve™ is a NEW, signature shade collection from us. Revolve combines the elegance of stylish shades with the contemporary, architectural appeal of blinds. The timeless beauty of Revolve™ shades creates an atmosphere of modern sophistication. They provide the perfect balance of light, view, and privacy for every environment at any time of day.


  • Modern styling and high quality materials

  • 13 light-filtering and 3 room-darkening patterns

  • 81 SKU's

  • Easy-clean, 100% polyester fabric

  • Widths to 110"

  • Clutch control for ultimate customization of view, lighting, and privacy

  • Sleek Profile – Cassette 100 face dimension of 2 ¾"

  • Cassette available in white, vanilla, bronze, black, and silver

  • Optional fabric inserts available on cassette and bottom rail

  • Drops of 100" average, depending on fabric

  • Smaller profile bottom rail with weighted inner tube

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