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Capri Sheer Shadings feature impressive horizontal fabric vanes that float between two layers of soft, knitted fabric sheers, to soften your view outside with a choice of fabrics. All sheer fabric vane colors are featured between two layers of sheer fabric and are available to widths of 120" and drops to 120" to provide visual elegance to the widest of windows.


  • The vanes glide from open to closed to "out of sight" with elegant hardware.

  • Four distinctly different variations of vane positions are available for numerous combinations of privacy, view and light control.

  • An adjustable weight system in the bottom rail allows for on-the-spot skew adjustment for a balance appearance in the window.

  • One headrail style to maintain your sophisticated look. Headrail is white with color coordinated fabric insert and end caps.

  • Low side light cap provides minimal light leakage on shading sides and above the headrail for increased privacy.

  • Easy to install hardware and brackets allows for effortless installations and easy removal for cleaning.

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