Basswood Blind Collection

From our Horizontal Blind Collection

Our Basswood Blinds are the perfect window covering where the warmth and beauty of finely crafted wood is desired.


Basswood Blinds feature:

  • Generous, stylish 2-inch slats, 2 1/2-inch slats, distressed 2-inch slats

  • A complimentary 3 1/4-inch crown basswood valance for a rich, finished appearance

  • Braided ladder construction

  • Quality components to provide many years of trouble-free operation with minimal care


Options include:

  • Routless slat design on 2-inch only (no visible cord holes)

  • Designer decorative tape construction to provide accent color or coordinate with your room décor

  • Battery-operated tilt motorization and remote control

  • Slat cut-outs to clear window obstructions


Painted & Stained Color Variations available are:

SnowRed Chestnut

White SandRed Leaf Maple

CloudRoasted Chestnut

Warm VanillaSun Kissed Oak


English WalnutEspresso

Old Mahogany

Warm Chestnut

Chocolate Brown

Distressed Sun Kissed Oak

Distressed Warm Chestnut

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